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Alex James Jacopozzi, CEO per Ajjcommunication

Alex James Jacopozzi, sociologist – or rather socio-biologist, with also an Associate's Degree in Macro Economics from UC San Diego, has an "American-European" background. He gained work experience at various scientific research companies as well as in US federal departments for the promotion of international commerce. He has gained vast experience in the yachting world both as a yacht skipper as well as a broker, both with leading yacht companies as well as a freelance. In Italy he oversaw the construction of important yachts for internationally recognized Shipyards and he collaborated with the consulting company founded by Prof. Gilberto Tinacci Mannelli.

As the new millennium dawned Alex James Jacopozzi founded a call center, together with some of his friends, called Metamarketing Service. It was the first call center in the world to obtain ethical certification - the Social Accountability 8000. Over the past several years he has continued to work as a consultant, both directly and through communications companies, both in the public and private sectors. Over the years he has produced brilliant case histories in the fields of concept marketing communications, with two main specializations: communications and social marketing in the environmental sector and "super luxury" communications and marketing. Experience and natural predisposition have given Alex James Jacopozzi a predisposition for the research, preparation and monitoring of marketing plans and integrated communications. He has a remarkable skill for interpersonal relations and for coordination of complex and innovative multimedia activities for institutional and commercial promotion.

The services we offer
Strategic Analysis - 90%
Advertising - 80%
Public Relations - 60%
Web Development- 70%

Our mission is to serve our customers with excellent service, reliability and concreteness. We efficently take care of every aspect of our work.

Alex James Jacopozzi - CEO at Ajjcommunication


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